Interested to see what Express has up their sleeve for Fall?

For those of you that enjoy a glimpse of the future, here is what’s on trend for the upcoming F/W season from Express 😉








Ecco Men’s Spring Preview for 2015

Nothing excites me more than getting to see what is in store for the upcoming Spring 15 season.  I have to admit what I am about to show you will shock you!

A little while back I was invited by the amazing team of Brill Communications to see the new line from Ecco, and I am beyond words with their attention to detail throughout the entire collection… many of which I can see being added to my extensive collection.

First up is the ever classic and making a huge return to men’s footwear is the Monk Strap.  Known by the iconic double buckle and wide leather strap that covers the upper vamp meant to be quick and easy to put on hence the lack of laces in its design.  The monk strap dates back centuries in European history as an alternative for the sandals normally worn by these historical clerics.   Before it used to be very confusing for men on what to pair these shoes with, as the strap can be seen as casual and not worn with a suit, but too dressy for casual wear.  But like all things in history… everything sees its revolution, and those same rules apply here!  Mix it and pair it any way you want, just don’t let me catch you wearing them with shorts, as this style of shoe would be too heavy to offset bare legs on summer attire.


Next up and totally on trend is the perforated and zipper combination.  This is the shoe to watch for when it hit shelves as it will be your new best friend in spring/summer style.  This shoe will satisfy your casual needs, they look great with shorts, jeans and even a nice light weight suit for summer.  Perforations have been popular for a very long time and is usually an element you see on the toe of a mens Oxford, and now decades later you are seeing them shifting from the toe and becoming style details for the new fresher man.  These tiny little holes are great for getting air flow to your feet during the hot summer months, but I would avoid wearing them on rainy days 😉


One of my favourite designs from the Ecco collection is the Camo Distorted Digital print on their ultra sports shoe.  Nothing got missed in the creation of this attention grabbing piece, and that includes the comfort!  This handsome little guy is a great alternative for a running shoe to get you up and motivated for you morning run… Yes that’s right, they are full of technical detailing that delivers and unparalleled level of comfort and support like no other product I have seen before… but hey, take a shot and hit up and Ecco store and try a pair on to see what it is I am talking about, you will be glad you did! Oh and did I mention they are cleated on the bottom for sports like golf or anything that gets you out on the grass?!IMG_1250

Well guys, that’s it for my men’s Ecco preview of what’s to come, and be sure to hit up Ecco and sign up for their newsletter so you don’t miss the lauch date or your size!


The European Sample Sale is Underway!!!

As a personal stylist I am always looking for the best price for my clients, and one of the best kept secrets for this is SAMPLE SALES!!!  If you have never been to one, here is what to expect, and why they happen.

Two or more times a year, designer collections are brought in by buyers to show to retailers so they can plan their upcoming collections for their stores, and once the purchase season is over, now its time to get rid of the shown pieces instead of paying the shipping to send them back to the designer, they sell these pieces off… and for wholesale prices.

Today I stumbled upon the ICO Sportswear sale, which carries superb brands including one of my favs….. Bark!!!  While I shopped around, I snapped a few pics of my top choices to get you inspired… so enjoy!

But first, here’s where to go…. Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm located at 624 King Street West on the Third Floor in Downtown Toronto.   Tell Donald, that Shut Up and Dress Me sent you 😉






Good luck and have fun!!!

Green Beauty and Naomi Anderson Wong host Trunk & Tinsel

On a cool psuedo winter night in Summerhill, heat was coming from the Trunk and Tinsel event held at Green Beauty last night.  After I finally re-aligned my sense of direction and my gps I made way into the event.  Greeted by beautiful smiles from its hosts Donna Bishop (on the left) & Naomi Anderson Wong, who quickly offered me a glass of white wine, I was ready to see what the soiree had in store!



Right off, I was drawn in by the beautiful array of colours staring me right in the face, and believe it our not they were also completely organic!  I’m talking about RMS Beauty and their new line of versatile and colour rich eye shadows and blushes are perfect for the most conscientious of make up enthusiasts. IMG_1126

While walking through the shop with Donna (who by the way knows her stuff) she got me so excited by the nail polish brand she carries, which turns out to be the fastest drying polish ever!  So if you’re the girl who needs your nails done in a snap…. visit Donna and ask for RGB!!!!IMG_1128


What was so cool about this night, was the fact that they thought about everything, from dresses jewelry and on site make up applications… this is a haven for women looking for an update!  And boy were people shopping!!!

As you may know this about me already, but I am always attracted to things that sparkle, and last night two brands certainly caught my eye!

For the girl who enjoys a bit more edge to their style Laborde is just for you, utilizing bright flourescent colours and woven fabrics invites you to pair this line with everything from evening chic to your jeans and tee’s.

IMG_1134 IMG_1135 IMG_1138 IMG_1137

Going from there and finding my way to Chippy Jewelry Design, who I felt were a little more on the classically sophisticated style, which I see pairing beautifully with day time professional wear to the most exquisite cocktail events on your calendar.  Many of these items are hand sewn and fabricated to suit trend and offer longevity and a very affordable price point.

IMG_1146 IMG_1144 IMG_1148

As I made my way on the next presenter I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic with the old school Disney radio that was playing DJ at the event… It was so cute and had me craving baked goods from my easy bake oven!  Oh how I want to be a Disney princess…. again!


Turning now towards some of the best casual wear that offers custom orders online, and who will also be hosting a booth at the one of a kind show coming up soon, is none other than Skinny Sweats…  I adore what they have done for track pants, not only helping people step away from the yoga pants I am already tired of seeing, but Skinny Sweats offers a variety of styles making even laundry day seem like a turn on the catwalk!  For more info on how to customer order or to find out about the one of a kind show… hit the link in this paragraph 😉



Last but not least, two home grown designers presented a sample sale last night, and for those of you that follow me on Instagram and Twitter @shutupndressme you would have already seen many of my posts featuring my clients wearing Narces, so tonight I am going to bring your attention to Rachel Sin… she has done some amazing things for women’s fashion and dressing some red carpet celebs like Gabrielle Miller from Corner Gas and more!  Here are a few of my “can’t live without” pieces!




No night would be complete without having an opportunity to chat with make up man extraordinaire Mr Korby Banner, having spent a good bit chatting with him about life, travel and where the future will take him (let’s just say “what happens here, stays here 😉  He has accomplished so many amazing things and worked with some of the biggest names in show biz, so I couldn’t miss my chance to get a selfie with him lol… so here it is!!


Thank you everyone for checking up on the goings on with Shut Up and Dress Me, and I look forward to sharing more fabulous nights out with you!  And of course thank you to Naomi Anderson Wong and Donna Bishop for having invited me!!!